If you’re looking to invigorate your workforce or bring a whole new perspective to your team, apprenticeships can provide a fresh set of skills for employees and, in turn, give your operations a boost.  

Apprenticeships are great option if you want to upskill your existing workers, nurture new talent within your industry or ensure specific employees succeed in their specialism. 

A bit about us… 

ACT was founded in Cardiff in 1988 and has gone on to become Wales’ leading training provider, supporting businesses looking to upskill their workforce.   

To date, we have worked with more than 14,000 employers helping 75,000 learners to achieve their career goals.   

We offer fully-funded, work-based learning in everything from social media and project management to business administration and data analytics. There are also opportunities to bring new talent into your organisation through hiring an apprentice or our Jobs Growth Wales + placements. 

There are hundreds of qualifications to choose from across many sectors, so if you have a training need, we will have a solution. Here are some of the qualifications we offer: 

Courses are funded by the Welsh Government and give learners the chance to build on their existing knowledge and skills as well as learn new ones, boosting the efficiency and proficiency of the businesses they work within. Apprenticeships also provide a foot in the door to a dream career, giving employers the chance to bring fresh enthusiasm and new perspective to your team with a new recruit. 

ACT currently works with employers across all sectors throughout Wales including The British Heart Foundation, The Celtic Manor Resort, numerous NHS health boards, the Welsh Ambulance Service and Cardiff University.   

A bit about you… 

Whether you’re an SME, a large conglomerate or self-employed, if you operate in Wales, we want to hear from you about your training and upskilling needs. 

Work-based apprenticeships can offer different opportunities for different companies, whether that’s providing a base level of training for all staff in courses such as Digital Skills or ensuring those in specific roles within your business are up-to-date and highly knowledgeable when it comes to their specialism. 

There is also the opportunity to bring new talent into your business through apprenticeships, or even our Jobs Growth Wales + placements. This helps a new generation of workers learn the skills of your industry, gaining the knowledge needed for a mutually beneficial venture – you get a passionate and enthusiastic employee, the learner gets the support needed to succeed in their dream role. 

Apprenticeships are not limited to specific sectors or specific levels of experience; courses are designed to get the most from learners whatever their industry or capabilities. 

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You can find us on LinkedIn where you can drop us a line or keep up to date with our latest news and offerings. We also host regular free, business-focused webinars as well as in-person events that you’re welcome to attend.

Our work-based programmes:

Young people can be a great asset and by getting involved in Jobs Growth Wales+ you’ll ensure your business has its pick of the young talent in your community.

It is an innovative and flexible programme. So you can determine the best way in which the programme can help your business, and at the same time create life changing opportunities for the young person you support.

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Our Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes designed around the needs of your business, which lead to nationally recognised qualifications for your employees.

You can use our Apprenticeship programme to upskill an existing member of staff or to recruit fresh talent.


Employing an Apprentice is the same as employing a new member of staff – the only difference being is that that new member of staff will be undergoing an Apprenticeship and training on the job.

How you advertise, interview and offer the Apprentice the job is completely up to you, but we offer a fully-funded Apprentice recruitment service that any of our Welsh clients and businesses can take advantage of.