Our Learner Representative Lily Pandeles works hard to ensure all learners have a voice.

Lily Pendeles ACT Learner Representative

At ACT, learner satisfaction is really important and we are keen to make sure all of our learners are not just happy with the training service that we provide, but are utterly ecstatic about it. We believe it is important for them to share their thoughts, give feedback and make suggestions to ensure all get a top-quality experience from start to finish on their learner journey.

It is important learners get the most from their experience, and if there is something they feel we can do to help, then I want to know. I want learners to feel they can give feedback and make suggestions and that we will listen and do all we can to make their experience the best.

If you do have any feedback, or would like to chat with Lily about your experience at ACT, please email her at: feedback@acttraining.org.uk

Keep up to date with feedback updates on Twitter @ACTLearnerVoice.