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ACT Schools is a registered Independent Schools with the capacity to educate 150 learners from the ages 11-16 years. The school is registered to admit students with special educational needs primarily focused to social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

ACT is passionate about ensuring all young people are equipped with the skills they need to become successful adults. Far too many young people engage with ACT at age 16 with deficient Literacy and Numeracy skills and are unprepared to successfully transition from school into the ‘real world’. We strongly believe that early intervention is needed to ensure all young people, especially those disengaged with education, are able to enter the world of work with the best possible chance of success. We’re also passionate about reducing the number of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET).

ACT Schools offers a true alternative to mainstream learning, designed to engage young people and help them overcome their barriers to participation and prepare them for adulthood. Our dynamic alternative curriculum and range of support packages truly encourages, motivates and nurtures young people to realise what they can achieve

  • Being positive and having a ‘can-do’ attitude
  • Taking pride and responsibility in exceeding people’s expectations
  • Helping raise and realise people’s aspirations
  • Having fun in providing a professional, safe and friendly service
  • Showing deep respect for individuals

Our admissions policy can be found here. If you require any further information about potential placements then please do not hesitate to contact us at

We have developed a curriculum that focuses both on academic and vocational subjects, offering learners an opportunity to work towards achieving the same as their mainstream counterparts but in an environment that is more suited to their needs.

Our learners are guaranteed

  • An individualised, person-centred programme that suits their needs.
  • Access to our experienced learner support services including an outreach worker and school counsellor.
  • Daily support with behaviour and personal barriers.
  • Regular progress and target setting.
  • All the support they need to ensure successful transition to post-16 destinations.

At KS3 we recognise the need to provide a nurturing environment suitable for pupils transitioning from primary school. There is a strong focus on developing literacy and numeracy alongside the other key curriculum areas of creative arts, science, technology and health and wellbeing.

Personal development and addressing individual barriers to education is at the centre of our KS3 approach.

We aim to transition learners back in to school at KS4 or to prepare them for successful transition into an alternative provision at KS4 level. Individual learning pathways are agreed during the induction process to ensure that each learner has a realistic and achievable curriculum whilst also allowing learners to be stretched and challenged. A heavy focus is also placed on experiential learning and the timetable is divided so that classroom-based sessions are short and sharp.

Our KS4 staff come from a range of educational backgrounds from; secondary education, post 16 education to youth work. This means our delivery is both diverse and creative in its teaching and engagement style.

The curriculum is built around supporting our learners to become healthy, confident, ambitious, creative and well-informed individuals. Our learners work towards a core suite of qualifications, including GCSE qualifications in English Language, Mathematics, Numeracy, Art and Health and Social Care. Additional opportunities in Food Hygiene, Work Related Education and Personal Growth and Wellbeing are also available. All of our learners have the opportunity to access our vocational offer alongside the core curriculum.

It is important that each learner has the opportunity to access an education package that fits their needs, the exact pathway a learner will follow will be determined during their enrolment.

Our ACT Schools vocational offer aims to provide a platform for educational attainment whilst also relating all practice to real life situations with industry recognised standards, equipping our learners with the skills they need for further education and employment.

All of our programmes are initially offered as 1 day placements per week, over a full academic year. Successful learners will complete their Level 1 in the first year and can progress on to the second year, completing more advanced qualifications in their subject area.

2022-2023 Academic Outcomes

During the 2022-23 academic year, 20 Year 11’s completed their education at ACT Schools. Their outcomes of those who completed the year can be summarised as follows:

% of pupils

achieved at least 1 GCSE qualification

% of pupils

achieved 3 GCSE qualifications

% of pupils

achieved a Level 1 threshold (5 GCSE's or more)

82% of pupils had positive destinations and were still engaged in the provisions in the Autumn term.

Learner Support Services

The wellbeing of our learners is central to the work we do at ACT Schools. A recent Estyn monitoring visit identified that the staff at our school know the learners extremely well and provide them with valuable support inside and outside the classroom.

Over time, the majority of learners develop strong trust in our staff, helping them to engage positively with their learning, develop confidence in their abilities and make suitable progress.

You can view our updated Learner Safeguarding Procedure here.

All correspondence for the attention of our Advisory Board should be addresses to ACT Schools Advisory Chair and sent to:

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