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ACT Schools is supported by a fantastic delivery team made up of subject tutors, learning support and wider school support service staff who make sure we work to provide the best learning environment for our young people.

Richard Spear Proprieter
Zoe Goodall Delivery Director
Becky Morris Head of Continuous Improvement
Antony Lead Acting Head of 11-16 Education
Kie Baldwin Deputy Head of 11-16 Education
Amanda Bishop Deputy Head of 11-16 Education
David Carrol Schools Inclusion Manager/ALNCo
Rebecca Jones Schools Inclusion officer
Tania Baldwin Schools Inclusion officer
Josef Wyatt Outreach Worker
Hannah Caddick Outreach Worker
Natalie Porter Outreach Worker
Shirey Webley Outreach Worker
Greg Simmonds Teacher
Naomi Mardon Teacher
Lisa Bailey English Teacher
Ceitho Edwards Maths Teacher
Anneline Booyse Teacher
Geraint Morgan Art Teacher
Stephen Edwards Teacher
Katie Hadley Teacher
Louise Bowen Teacher with additional Curriculum Responsibilities
Britney Chau Youth Learning Mentor
Lauren Evans Youth Learning Mentor
Rebecca Willis Youth Learning Mentor
Tegan Cartlidge Youth Learning Mentor
Ceri Dacruz Youth Learning Mentor
Jaiy Futcher Youth Learning Mentor
Rhian Collom Youth Learning Mentor
Alissa Buckley Youth Learning Mentor
Ashleigh Davies Youth Learning Mentor
Becky Hewitt School cook
Hayley Byfield School Cook
Kirsty Morgan Admin officer


Full information on our staff, and their qualifications is available on request