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Two thirds of businesses in the UK are battling a digital skills gap. Despite this, digital literacy is rapidly becoming the most sought-after skill, particularly in a professional setting. 

Having a solid understanding of the software and tools you use for your job not only makes work easier but also more efficient.  

You may be able to log on to a video call or input basic data into a spreadsheet but are you confident that you know all the tricks and shortcuts these programs have that could be saving you time and effort? 

If the answer is no, then look no further than ACT’s Digital Skills for Business qualification. 

Undertaken by those in professional roles who use a computer day-to-day, the course aims to equip learners with a key understanding of basic professional computer programs such as email, video calls, messaging apps and the Office suite or similar.  

For those who already have a confident grasp of these programs and are looking to further develop more complex skills like analytics and data modelling, ACT offers a Level 3 qualification. 

The course can even be used by employers as base-level training for all staff to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the digital tools they use every day. 

At Level Two, the qualification explores topics such as digital sharing, navigating commonly used programs like Teams, Canva and spreadsheets. Learners will also be given a basic understanding of how to properly prepare documents in word processing software as well as create presentations (although no delivery is required to complete the course.)  

There are also modules on security and health and safety, as well as other units in spreadsheets, email and social media where learners can pick and choose what is applicable to their role and business.   

Lucy Wilkinson, digital services route manager at ACT, said: “This course is all about confidence boosting and gives employers an efficient way to ensure staff have a base level understanding of the digital software they use. 

“Digital Skills for Business can also boost a company’s efficiency, teaching staff the tips, tricks and shortcuts to the programs they likely use regularly but not to its full potential. From a personal point of view, the course gives accreditation and looks great on a CV.” 

Find our full course guide for Digital Skills for Business Level 2 here 

Ideal for high level administrators, project managers or similar, the Level Three course explores database software and how it can be used to report and use data efficiently.   

Aiming to bridge the gap between admin and analytics, the qualification focuses on data modelling and the advanced features of IT tools staff are already familiar with.  

Lucy added: “At Level Three, learners get a better understanding of the equipment they use for their role, boosting efficiency in their work.  

“If you are an employer, you are likely to have invested in digital collaboration tools, particularly during the pandemic – and are you getting your money’s worth from these pricey licences?  

“Digital Skills for Business can ensure that software is used to its full potential.” 

Find our full course guide for Digital Skills for Business Level 3 here