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Whether you’re looking to develop the skills of your existing staff or recruit fresh talent, you can access a range of fully-funded programmes and qualifications, with the support of Welsh Government funding.

What we offer

Over the past 35 years, we have developed a range of innovative methods for delivering training, utilising the latest technologies and online resources to enhance the learning experience and meet the needs of both the employer and employee.

Why choose us?

We currently work with 600+ employers across Wales including Molson Coors, The British Heart Foundation, The Celtic Manor Resort, NHS Health Boards, Welsh Ambulance Service, Cardiff University, Local Councils, Celsa Steel and The Vale Resort, as well as successful small businesses like Terry’s Patisserie, Earth and Daisy Day Nursery .

We have a highly skilled team of assessors and trainers based at locations throughout Wales with extensive industry experience. This gives you peace of mind that training and learning is being delivered by an expert who understands the needs, pressures, and sometimes unique requirements of your industry.

Our work-based programmes:

Young people can be a great asset and by getting involved in Jobs Growth Wales+ you’ll ensure your business has its pick of the young talent in your community.

It is an innovative and flexible programme. So you can determine the best way in which the programme can help your business, and at the same time create life changing opportunities for the young person you support.

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Our Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes designed around the needs of your business, which lead to nationally recognised qualifications for your employees.

You can use our Apprenticeship programme to upskill an existing member of staff or to recruit fresh talent.

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Employing an Apprentice is the same as employing a new member of staff – the only difference is that the new member of staff will be undergoing an Apprenticeship and training on the job.

How you advertise, interview and offer the Apprentice the job is completely up to you, but we offer a fully-funded Apprentice recruitment service that any of our Welsh clients and businesses can take advantage of.

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If you are a Welsh employer, you and your employees could benefit from a range of services, and funding opportunities designed to inject talent and foster growth within your business.