Dec 2023 / News

ALS Training is excited to announce that they can now offer fully funded* British Sign Language (BSL) training qualifications in partnership with Signature.  

The course aims to bridge communication gaps and support employers and employees in generating a more diverse and accessible working environment. With over 500,000 people in Wales reported to have hearing loss, the significance of such training cannot be overstated. 

Participants will be taught through a combination of face-to-face teaching, self-study and online resources, giving them a blended learning approach that is flexible and fits around their working day. Evening sessions are available to accommodate individual and business schedules. This training is available at Level 1, 2 and 3 through PTFE funding, subject to eligibility, for those who wish to learn a new language with its own distinct grammar and dialect. 

BSL is not limited in its applications. It is a tool for communicating with the deaf community but can also be implemented as a Health and Safety measure and a method of communicating when English is not the shared language.  

The advantages of acquiring BSL proficiency also extend beyond personal development; impacting workforce skills, customer service delivery, and internal Diversity, Equality and Inclusion training.  

Newly appointed, Director of Delivery at ALS, Fiona Argent said “We believe this course is significant to our growth as an organisation and for the communities we serve. Our courses are fully funded and flexible to suit the needs of individual learners and organisations” 

 ALS board Director, Sarah John, said “The new fully funded opportunity to learn BSL is a reflection of the way ALS engages with organisations and awarding bodies like Signature, to meet the demands of employers and learners on a local basis and is key to maintaining ALS’s position as a leading training provider,” 

BSL training will not only leave you with an understanding of the structure and practical uses of sign language it will also provide insight into the rich cultural heritage of this visual language. 

Take the first step today and sign up to find out more about our BSL qualifications. 

*All ALS funding is subject to eligibility