Feb 2023 / Learners News

So many people were confused when I said I was doing an Apprenticeship. They had no clue a lot of qualifications available are of degree level.

Shares Lucy Day, Business Manager for Public Health Wales. Public Health Wales is a trust working to protect and improve health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities for the people of Wales.  

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding apprenticeships. The term often brings to mind young people learning a trade or an alternative route for people who struggled at school. This myth is far from the truth! Apprenticeships are a viable and smart option for anyone of any age in a range of job roles looking to upskill in the workplace. From qualifications in Business Management, Social Media & Digital Marketing to Customer Service and Accountancy – the opportunities are endless! 

Having undertaken two apprenticeships already to support her career development, Lucy, 47, from Whitchurch, Cardiff,  knows this first hand. With over 15 years’ experience in Business and Project Management, Lucy has undertaken apprenticeships as an opportunity to expand and build on her own knowledge.   

“I embarked on a Project Management apprenticeship in 2020 and found it incredibly beneficial both for building my skillset and my personal development. During the pandemic I was keen to upskill further and started looking at what other options were available. I saw the Business Administration Level 4 qualification and really liked the sound of it as it fitted well with my current role.” 

A Level 4 Diploma in Business Administration is an ideal Apprenticeship for those working in a management position who have experience within the public or private sector and want to develop this further.  

In addition to gaining more knowledge in her chosen field, Lucy’s apprenticeship has enabled her to gain qualifications which will aid her in future career progression.   

“As well as supporting the role I’m currently in, I’m also adding skills that will serve me in any future roles I choose to pursue. The greatest benefit for me is that I’m earning while I learn. The qualification is fully funded and in terms of the benefits to Public Health Wales, I’ve been able to use some great ideas and suggestions from my qualification and implement these into our working practice.” 

Lucy adds that although an apprenticeship requires commitment and an ability to manage your time well, ACT, were incredibly supportive of learners throughout the qualification.   

“My assessor at ACT was absolutely superb – I can’t fault them. I have had an enormous amount of support and ACT were incredibly understanding and flexible regarding my workload. They really worked with me to tailor my learning journey to suit my needs and that of my work schedule.” 

Lucy is keen to advocate for apprenticeships as she feels it is a cost-effective way of building your skills and knowledge, while gaining valuable qualifications which can progress your career. As well as adding value to your workplace and employer as you expand your skillset, the qualification is a great opportunity to build confidence in your own abilities.  

“I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to everyone. It’s a great way to learn on the job and it’s fully funded so you don’t pay a penny. I would encourage it to anyone who is interested in their personal development and career progression. Honestly, an apprenticeship is a no brainer!” 

If you want to find out more about our Business Administration Level 4 qualification and how it can benefit your business head here.