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Aug 2020 / News

ACT’s Essential Skills Team have been using digital technology to their advantage throughout lockdown, creating a bespoke educational programme to support ACT learners on their academic journey throughout summer.

The results of the ‘Summer Sorted’ programme have been hugely successful with overall attendance to the virtual lessons, an amazing 93%. The programme also resulted in 100% of learners achieving at least 1 qualification at Level 2.

Being leaders in digital transformation has been an ongoing strategic goal of ACT for some time but the pandemic has speeded up this progression overnight. The Essential Skills Team are just one of many teams at ACT who have fully embraced digital technologies and whose learners are thriving as a result.

Essential Skills qualifications support learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of Application of Number (Numeracy), Communication (Literacy) and Digital Literacy. These qualifications enable learners to demonstrate that they can apply these vital skills to a range of situations whilst at work, in learning and throughout life.

Speaking about the success of the ‘Summer Sorted’ Programme, Essential Skills Tutor, Rob Peebles commented, “The digital tools and resources we have been using make remote learning so much more effective and enjoyable for learners. Remote learning is new to us all but I think we are adapting brilliantly and have had some great feedback from learners.”

‘Before doing this I was staying up until about 5am then sleeping all day but now I am going to bed much earlier because I know I have to get up for the sessions.’

Another learner added, “The sessions are more fun and enjoyable (than in school) and because it was my choice to do the course, I feel like I was given some freedom.’

The ‘Summer Sorted’ programme has resulted in some brilliant success stories, including two learners from ACT’s Bridgend centre, who had initially been predicted F’s in their GCSE’s. With support from their Essential Skills Tutors and their own dedication, both learners achieved Level 2 on the AON and AON & Comms programmes. As a consequence, both students are now able to progress onto college, and have been offered places starting in September.

At ACT Training we offer a range of Essential Skills qualifications, designed to help learners assess the range of skills needed for successful learning, employment and life. The qualifications provide a single ladder of progression, spanning six levels from Entry Level 1 to Level 3. 

Find out more here, or get in touch on 029 2046 4727 or email info@acttraining.org.uk

ACT also offer Essential Skills as part of our Apprenticeship Framework for those who may need it. If you do not have relevant grades in Maths and English, we can help you work towards gaining those qualifications as part of your Apprenticeship. ACT help to ensure you have the necessary qualifications needed to progress on your career path.