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Social Care Wales keep a register of people who have shown they are appropriately qualified and suitable to work in the health and social care sector. The register is open to various groups of workers, from social workers to adult care home managers, and domiciliary care workers.

Why is it important to register?
Registration is important because it gives people receiving care the security and peace of mind that a care worker has the skills and qualifications needed to undertake their job in a professional and caring manner. The register also reinforces and recognises the skills, knowledge and qualifications gained by domiciliary care workers. 

Are you suitably qualified?
If you have a Level 2 or 3 qualification in Health and Social Care (Diploma, QCF or NVQ) or equivalent then simply register online at: https://www.scwonline.wales

Qualify with experience If you do not have a suitable qualification, but have worked within the health and social care sector for three of the past four years, you can be approved by your manager. Managers will assess workers against the required competences and provide a signed declaration to confirm your competences as lawful.

If you do not have a qualification or the required experience
If you do not have the above qualifications or relevant experience within a health and social care setting you will be required to complete the online Social Care Wales Principles and Values Award course and assessment. Once you have successfully completed the online assessment you can then apply to register., whereby you will have three years in which to complete the required qualification.

How to gain the necessary qualifications
ACT offer a wide range of health and social care courses accepted by the Social care Wales register. These include;

Health and Social Care (Children and Young People)
This course develops the skills of health and social care workers’ by assessing their practical and competency skills. They will also have access to   highly skilled mentors who will support them with their written course work. There are a range of modules to choose from on the level 3 course, including; supporting parents with disabilities, promoting active support and working with children and young people in a residential care setting. The level 5 qualification is aimed at those in roles where they exercise autonomy and judgement within limited parameters, such as; Residential Childcare Manager and Residential Assistant Manager. To find out more visit:  https://bit.ly/2whWM4D 

Health and Social Care (Adults)
The adults health and social care level 2 qualification is delivered in two components; core qualification and practical qualification. The core elements of these qualifications are delivered via workshop, which will cover topics such as; safeguarding, wellbeing and principles and values.It is aimed at those working in a health and social care setting where the qualification will develop the learners’ ability to practically support the health and care needs of adults in a range of positions within the sector. These include;health care assistants, care workers and domiciliary care workers.  Level 3 develops and builds on these skills by improving confidence and reason when placed in roles that exercise autonomy. To find out more visit: bit.ly/38MLJ1F

Children’s Care, Play, Learning and Development (CCPLD)
Our The Level 2 CCPLD apprenticeship assesses and develops the knowledge and skills of those working with children in settings. Primarily where the main responsibility is that of care, learning and development through play e.g. nurseries, day-care, crèches, or childminders. The level 3 apprenticeship is suitable for those who operate more autonomously, undertaking curriculum planning, activity planning and some aspects of staff supervision. Suitable candidates will be a Nursery Practitioner, Room Leader or Crèche Leader. To find out more visit: bit.ly/2RV5oW0 

What are you waiting for?
It is a Social Care Wales requirement that following initial registration you have three years to complete a suitable health and social care qualification. With our qualifications taking an average of 18-24 months to complete… what are you waiting for?