Sep 2017 / News

As Wales’ leading training provider, ACT are proud to say we made a tremendously positive difference to 6,200 learners’ lives last year. From boosting confidence and guiding learners through their qualifications, to lending a supportive ear and to helping with promotions and progression, our learners flourish and genuinely appreciate how much we do for them.

With nominations for both learners and practitioners for Apprenticeship Awards Cymru 2017, which recognises exceptional individuals and organisations, this reflects the fantastic work achieved by our learners and staff.

Of course, we are certainly very proud of the impact our staff have made and we want to thank you for everything that they do. We also have great pleasure in sharing some thanks from the people who matter the most – our learners. 

Thank you again to everyone involved with ACT and here’s to inspiring more learners and another successful contract year!