Aug 2015 / Learners

Meet Rebecca Collins. Rebecca, 22, from Cardiff, is an Apprentice Account Manager at The PS Group – a top telemarketing company.

She is one of the 850,000 young people who are undergoing an Apprenticeship, working towards nationally recognised qualifications whilst earning a good wage.

After leaving school, trailing a childcare course and eventually taking a job at Morrison’s supermarket, Rebecca felt she was getting nowhere. It was not until she started working at The PS Group that her career really took off.

Apprentice Rebecca said: “As an Account Manager, I am responsible for paying all invoices, employee wages and managing all of the company’s accounts. The Apprenticeship has boosted the confidence of my own competency massively. I went from being a Telesales Executive to an Accounts Manager in just 3 years!”

“When I think back to working in Morrison’s before I started at The PS Group, I never would have thought I would get to where I am now. I am looking forward to starting my Level 3 this year and my aim is to then follow on with a Diploma.”

Like some of her friends, Rebecca does not have a student loan or debt to pay back. Instead she is earning a great wage for someone her age and is able to financially support herself, but more importantly Rebecca has a fantastically bright future ahead of her at a leading Cardiff company.

Rebecca is undertaking her Apprenticeship with ACT, Wales’ leading training provider, who helps over 6,500 young people each year achieve their career ambition whether that be preparing young people for the world of work or improving their career prospects. 

Andrew Cooksley, Managing Director at ACT said: “To hear great success stories like that of Rebecca’s, who has reached an impressive level in her career at such a young age, is an absolute delight to ACT who work hard to offer young people the best Apprenticeship opportunities in Wales.”

“With GCSE results just around the corner, thousands of young people are weighing up the pros and cons of continuing with education or finding employment. With Apprenticeships, there is no reason why they cannot do both.”