Jun 2015 / Company

Welsh rugby legend and ACT Skills Ambassador Jonathan Davies spent the day with a group of teenagers who are all looking to get work-ready and find employment.

The teenagers are all on pre-apprenticeship programmes with Wales’ largest training provider, ACT Training, the only training provider in Wales that has an outdoor activity centre as part of its provision.

Ynys Hywel provides a unique learning experience outside the classroom for all learners who are on pre-apprenticeship programmes with ACT. Classroom based activities are sound for theoretical work, but Ynys Hywel offers real life experience to youngsters.

A residential there teaches teenagers with little routine about the importance of being punctual and getting up on time, how to shoulder responsibly and feed the animals that live on site and the physical and fun activities teach vital communication and team work skills whilst also boosting confidence. 

Thomas Johansson, 17 from Cardiff, wants to be a mechanic and is on a Traineeship with ACT which will hopefully lead to an apprenticeship. He said: “Ynys Hywel is a great experience and is very enjoyable. It teaches you about team work and has boosted my confidence which I know will come in handy when it comes to job interviews.”

It is not very well known that Jonathan Davies left school with just two O Levels and started his working life as an apprentice painter and decorator.

Jonathan, in his role as ACT’s Skills Ambassador, helps others to cross the divide from unqualified school leavers to work ready apprentices. His goal is to help learners realise their potential and improve their future the way the he did when he was 17. Coming from an apprenticeship background himself, Jonathan knows the challenges faced by young people in searching for an opportunity in the workplace.

Jonathan said: “The apprenticeship gave me the vital experience that prepared me for the discipline and structure of working life in professional sport and that’s why I’m working with ACT today, to help get young Welsh people into employment via apprenticeships.”