Jun 2015 / Company

Welsh training provider ACT has helped over 6,500 16-24 year olds achieve their career ambition over the last 12 months.  

ACT boasts a large range of Traineeships and Apprenticeships. From making the first steps into employment, to up skilling and progressing in their current role, ACT supports young people at every step to ensure they reach their full career potential.

Ashley Coleman, 18 from Cardiff, is just one of the many thousands of young people who is now thriving in a career he loves.

After a rocky start in life with no GCSEs and limited prospects, Ashley came to ACT wanting to turn his life around. He was determined to work towards qualifications and worked extremely hard on an engagement programme with ACT Training. 

His confidence improved and he secured a placement at Darwin Gray, where he impressed bosses so much they offered him an Apprenticeship. What’s more, last year Ashley won the prestigious Traineeship Learner of the Year Award for his effort, hard work and his success.

“I was absolutely overwhelmed to win the award,” he said. “It was such an honour to be shortlisted for the award and it’s a nice acknowledgement of the journey I have been on. I didn’t think I was going to get very far in life and I had low self-esteem and confidence.”

ACT’s Managing Director Andrew Cooksley set up ACT nearly 27 years ago after leaving school without any qualifications and can relate to many of the learners on programme with ACT. Since starting the company, Andrew’s mission has been to make a positive difference to people’s lives by providing outstanding learning opportunities.

“Our work here is to raise the esteem and promote the personal growth of thousands of learners every year. Our learners leave ACT as employable, qualified and adaptable young people, and it is something that we are consistently delighted by and work so hard to achieve.” 

Being a trainee or an apprentice gives you the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification and develop professional skills, while earning a salary, inside some of Wales’ top companies.

ACT works closely with a range of top quality employers, large and small, and in a range of different sectors across Wales, including: British Gas, Barclays, NatWest, Cardiff University, Rugby Heaven, Radisson Blu and Wessex Garages to name but a few – and the list just keeps on growing! With an increasing number of employers welcoming apprentices, there are more opportunities than ever to get inside some of the most exciting and innovative companies in Wales.

Whether you are a potential learner looking to get your foot on the career ladder, or an employer looking to for a job- ready young person to join your team, ACT would love to hear from you.