Oct 2014 / Learners

Published: Wales Online

Looking for monster make-up this Halloween? Fear not, we’ve got the answers.

Hair and beauty students at the ACT Training salon in Cardiff have been showing us how to achieve spooktacular results with creepy cosmetics.

From zip-faced zombies to the walking wounded, the pupils’ suggestions are horrific – we mean that in the nicest way possible!

And you don’t need to spend a frightful fortune either to replicate the looks at home. Lee Hatim, a student at the Hadfield Road salon, has shared a few tricks of the trade.

Instead of splashing out on professional products, here are a few cheaper cheats. Use red food colouring and sugar to whip up a batch of blood, swap latex for eyelash glue, and eyebrow putty for a water soluble glue stick.

Forget white face paint, use talcum power and when it comes to applying the products, swap cosmetic spatulas and stipple sponges for coffee sticks and a kitchen dish sponge.

Voila, there we have it.