Plagiarism Policy (CAVC Group)


This policy is underpinned by the Group’s vision – Inspirational, Inclusive and Influential and will support our work towards the key drivers of Quality, Efficiency and Growth. The policy will incorporate the following principles:

  • Those who access Cardiff and Vale College Group must be free from discrimination.
  • Learners will be supported to enable them to achieve their potential whilst in learning, in an environment which removes or minimises disadvantage, takes steps to meet their needs and encourages participation.
  • We will support learners to develop the skills they need to progress successfully through their lives.

Scope and Purpose of Policy

The Group is committed to encouraging academic excellence and integrity from learners and confidence among all who deal with us, including parents, employers, awarding bodies and HE institutions. To achieve this the Group will not tolerate plagiarism.

The purpose of this policy is to detail plagiarism as suspected malpractice on the part of candidates, centre staff and any others involved in managing the delivery of qualifications, and for taking appropriate action to maintain the integrity of the qualifications.


Plagiarism is a learner using another person’s work or idea and presenting it as if it was his or her own. The work may be written work, music, computer program, dance, picture etc.

The source of that work may be:

  • Published work e.g. book, magazine, play, photograph, painting, music etc.
  • Unpublished work e.g. teacher’s notes, class handouts, another learner’s work (used with or without permission) and material from the Internet.

Using any work produced by someone else in any of these ways without giving them credit is plagiarism and is academic misconduct. Sometimes this plagiarism is done unintentionally due to poor research skills and a lack of understanding of referencing conventions. Sometimes it is done deliberately. In either case, plagiarism is not acceptable and should be addressed.

The Group is committed to:

  • Setting up procedures to be followed if plagiarism is suspected.
  • Ensuring these procedures take account of those set down by awarding bodies, Higher Education institutions and the QAA.
  • Training all relevant staff in these procedures and in ways of recognising plagiarism.
  • Giving all learners information to ensure they are aware of plagiarism and how to avoid plagiarising in their work.
  • Offer support to learners with lower level skills to enable them to develop research skills to ensure they do not plagiarise unintentionally.
  • Recording and monitoring all instances of plagiarism.

We will ensure that learners on all levels and types of provision are clearly signposted to any external organisation or body which overseas provision, standards, expectations or redress such as an awarding body, the QAA or the Office for Independent Adjudicators for HE (this list is not exhaustive).

The Governing Body will be responsible for ensuring that:

  • The Policy is reviewed on a regular basis (as per the policy terms of review) and appropriate advice
    is given on content. The Main Board approves the policy.

Senior Management are responsible for:

  • Reviewing this Policy and the attached procedures.
  • Setting up and monitoring plagiarism detection systems e.g. turnitin
  • Monitoring and responding to instances of plagiarism within their departments, ensuring awarding body and Higher Education Institution procedures are followed at all times.
  • Ensuring staff have sufficient training

The Dean of Quality Improvement is responsible for:

  • Maintaining the currency of this policy and associated procedures.
  • Ensuring the allocation of appropriate resources to meet the requirements of the policy and associated procedures.
  • Ensuring awarding body and Higher Education Institution procedures are followed at all times.
  • Providing appropriate training and development and support for staff to ensure they can follow the policy.
  • Ensuring appropriate steps are taken to monitor data linked to this policy and that this data is used to inform and improve practice.

All Teaching and Skills Support Staff are responsible for:

  • Acting in line with this Policy and procedure if they witness plagiarism.
  • Setting up and monitoring plagiarism detection systems e.g. turnitin
  • Attending relevant CPD events.
  • Making themselves aware of their relevant awarding body procedures or Higher Education Institution.
  • Informing learners of the policy and procedures and supporting them to access any help.

Learners are responsible for:

  • Attending induction and tutorial sessions to ensure they are aware of the policy and the issues it raises.
  • Behaving in a way that supports the Policy, including raising any concerns with teaching or support staff to enable them to access the support they need.

Relevant Higher Education Institution, QAA and awarding body guidance will be considered.

In accordance with Group procedures, this Policy was written with consideration of the impact of individuals as per the Equality Act.

This policy provides opportunities for persons to use either the Welsh or English language. The duties which come from the Standards mean that organisations should not treat the Welsh language less favourably than the English language, together with promoting and facilitating the use of the Welsh language ie making it easier for people to use in their day-to-day life.

Support and guidance relating to plagiarism will be provided to all learners regardless of the language in which they decide to submit work.

A Welsh version of this document is available.

This policy is published on the company website.
This policy is stored on the company intranet.
This policy is shared with learners.

This policy is reviewed every 2 years.

Responsible Manager: Dean of Quality Improvement
Executive Lead: Deputy Principal
Accessible to Students: Yes

Date approved: 7 July 2020
Approved by: Main Board
Next Review date: July 2022

Revision No: 1
Revision Date: July 2020
Next Review Date: July 2022

  • This policy applies to all learners on all learning programmes regardless of mode or location of study.
  • This policy applies to all staff who have a teaching, assessor or learning support role within the Group.
  • This policy applies to all partners and franchise organisations.