Feb 2024 / Blog

As a result of a leap year, 2024 has an extra day in February. That’s an entire 24 hours you could be putting towards learning something new.

If you want to enhance your personal or professional development, ACT – Wales’ leading training provider – has a number of fully-funded short courses and qualifications that equate to a day (or less) of learning.

We’ve put together a taste of some of the topics you could be learning to make the most of your extra day, but you can find a full list of courses here.

These are beneficial for anyone no matter your employment sector, role or status. Do something incredible with your additional 24 hours and gain a new skill.

Confidence Building

Confidence is a pivotal building block in a person’s ability to achieve. A lack of confidence can mask a person’s true ability, therefore building it is key to overcoming challenges, embracing opportunities and succeeding.

Aimed at helping participants to progress in their professional and personal lives, the Confidence Building course challenges learners’ perceptions, inspires and encourages them in an innovative and dynamic way.

First Aid

ACT offers an entire suite of First Aid courses that will help you gain life-saving skills. There is emergency first aid, first aid specifically for a workplace setting, canine first aid, paediatric first aid and mental health.

Sustainability and the Green Environment

This award is for learners looking to develop a basic understanding of terms such as environment, sustainability, climate change and net zero as they relate to a green skills future.

This course is perfect for those in organisations who are working towards, or have implemented, an Environmental Management System. It provides staff with an understanding of the importance of being a sustainable organisation.

Resilience Skills

This dynamic course gives participants an understanding of what resilience is and how it can impact one’s life. It challenges learners to reflect on their own resilience skills and provides the tools to build and improve them, both in their personal life and in the workplace.

Topics covered include:

• Resilience

• Achieving positivity

• Emotional care

• Change and the growth mind-set

• Conflict management

• Positive connections.

Health and Safety

This course gives learners knowledge of the basic health and safety practices which are essential in the workplace. It covers a broad range of subjects that will ensure you learn about several health and safety issues in any workplace setting. It includes key topics like risk assessments, hazard control, emergency procedures and incident recording.

Find a full list of our part-time fully-funded courses here.