Feb 2024 / Company

ACT has released its environmental report for 2023, highlighting its sustainability performance throughout the year as well as its goals for the future.

The report gives a detailed breakdown as to how the organisation has performed in terms of energy and water usage, recycling and carbon expenditure – amongst other environmental factors.

Within its findings, the report shared that all energy supplied to ACT sites comes from 100 per cent renewable electricity and biogas.

Around 40 members of staff have completed the Sustainability and the Green Environment Level 2 qualification, which equates to more than 10 per cent of the workforce.

ACT’s headquarters, Ocean Park House located in Cardiff, currently has an impressive recycling rate of 63 per cent. Improvements to other centres’ recycling rates are underlined in the report, with the hopes that recycling rates across all of its sites will increase to 50 per cent by July 2024.

Louise Williams, ACT’s Operational Director, said: “It is our responsibility to strive for operational excellence in sustainability and, given our role as training provider, to educate and engage young people and adults about our environmental impact.

“By embracing a culture of continuous improvement, we aim to reduce our environmental footprint, setting a positive example for the next generation and fostering a sustainable future for all.”

Read the full report here.