Jan 2022 / Blog

There’s so much more to the job than just physical strength and a tolerance for loud workplaces!

Firstly, communication is perhaps the most important skill on a construction site. Clear and quick communication is vital for projects that involve multiple people. To spot and solve problems, it helps greatly if you’re someone who can get the message across loud and clear. Listening and understanding are just as important.

You’ll need basic maths and writing skills for building projects, to measure strips of wood, gauge numbers of bricks and calculate the quantity of materials needed.

Every construction job will also require keen problem-solving skills. On any given day, you can guarantee there will be a problem to overcome, or an issue that must be broken down into smaller chunks to find a solution. What if a load of heavy materials is delivered to the wrong place? You must use reasoning skills to spot the problem and think of ways to get around it.

In construction, problems that aren’t dealt with promptly could mean a project overruns, or the quality of the final job is poor. Even worse, if it’s a health and safety issue, you or another worker could risk serious injury. So, a sharp eye and proactive approach to problems is needed in construction.

Good organisation and time management are needed for construction jobs of all sizes. You need to be relied upon to complete work to a deadline and show full understanding of the project, from beginning to end. Being organised helps the morale of the team and will let you build a good reputation as someone who can be relied on.

You have to be adaptable and flexible, as building projects can change unexpectedly. Anything from the weather to staffing shortages can cause an entire week’s work to be rearranged at the last minute. You may be redeployed to a different work space or have to use skills you didn’t expect to.

Have you always been more of a visual learner, who picks up skills by seeing them in action, rather than reading a description? A Traineeship in construction literally lets you get to grips with the tools of the trade and with dedication you could soon be taking pride in your building or carpentry expertise.

There’s a huge demand for skilled construction workers, across the UK, at the moment. The industry is very eager to attract young people like you, as it’s currently reliant on a shrinking foreign workforce. With so many vacancies, you will find a wide range of exciting jobs just waiting to be filled by the right, skilled candidate.

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