Oct 2021 / Blog

Always dreamed of life as a Hairdresser or Barber, but worried you wouldn’t make the cut? You may already possess the key skills.

There’s much more to the job of Hairdresser than knowing the latest trends for bobs, bangs and blowouts. Though a keen sense of style obviously helps, other qualities are just as important!   


Are you a natural listener who works well with their hands? Can you be thorough and pay attention to detail? Can you demonstrate fab customer skills and provide service with a smile? Are you someone who keeps their cool in stressful situations? If this sounds like you, then you already have the core skill set needed, for a life of customers, curlers and colouring!  


A Hairdresser must be personable and friendly, as the customer must trust you at all stages of the process. At ACT, there’s a fully-equipped Traineeship Salon for budding Barbers and Hairdressers to learn a wide range of skills, all under the watchful eye of our industry-experienced tutors.  


Once you’ve got to grips with the basics, you can progress onto an Apprenticeship in a professional salon, where you’ll learn the essentials of the hair-styling game and how they can be developed, with your own personal flair! Course units include: Style and finish, Set and dress hair, Plait and twist hair, Colour and lighten hair, plus, Temporarily attach hair to enhance a style.

Further modules, like Advise and consult with clients, Fulfil salon reception duties or Develop and maintain your effectiveness at work, will help make you a fully-rounded asset to any hairdressing business! 


ACT Training values the experience of learning – that’s engaging and captivating – and encourages all to aspire to reach their goals. Suitable candidates even get the chance to participate in top competitions and shows, such as Salon Cymru, the Eisteddfod and Hair & Beauty Wales.  

It might take time for you to become the next Nicky Clarke or Vidal Sassoon, but the journey starts here and you could be making waves before you know it!

If you’re aged 16-18, take a look at our Hairdressing & Barbering Traineeship programme. 

If you feel that you’re salon ready, see our Hairdressing & Barbering Apprenticeships.