May 2020 / Blog
There is no doubt about it, we are living through extraordinary times. Since the outbreak of COVID19 and the subsequent lockdown, right now, not a whole lot feels normal. One thing is for certain though, taking care of your mental health and wellbeing has never been so important. Below are a number of tips on exactly how to do just that.

Stay connected
During this period of isolation, it’s vital that we stay in touch with our loved ones and if possible, our wider community. Thankfully, in this digital age there are all manner of ways to reach out and connect. Whether it’s a phone call, text or videocall, be sure to check in with other people. Prolonged loneliness can have a negative impact on our mental health, so it’s crucial we look out for one another and stay connected!

Maintain a balanced diet and stay hydrated
Try and make sure you’re getting as much fruit and vegetables in your diet as possible. A balanced diet is essential for good health and to boost our immune system. It’s also worth noting, isolation means we’re in the house a lot more, so we may be a lot less active than usual. Try and pay attention to your food portions and where possible eat only when you’re hungry. Keeping hydrated is also essential for our health. Try to drink between 6-8 glasses of water a day.

Stay active
Physical exercise doesn’t just keep our bodies fit and healthy, it also keeps our mind in good shape. Both are essential at this time, so make sure you’re prioritising some form of daily exercise. There are numerous free workout videos available online – just pick what works for you. From yoga and Pilates workouts, to dance and cardio, you’ll find a wealth of content to choose from. Even a simple walk around your neighbourhood to clear your head and stretch your body can have huge positive benefits on our mindset. Just be sure to maintain the social distancing rules!

Create good sleeping habits
Good quality sleep is hugely important to our wellbeing, with poor, or very little sleep, having a huge negative impact on our bodies and minds. A well-rested body not only keeps our immune system functioning, but it also helps to reduce stress in our bodies. For those of us who are having a hard time relaxing and switching off at night, try and enforce habits that will help ease the situation. Establish a regular and consistent sleep schedule throughout the week, and reduce the amount of caffeine or alcohol you consume before bedtime. It’s also helpful to limit or avoid screen time for at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep. This gives your mind an opportunity to unwind and gradually switch off.

Find a creative outlet
If you’ve found yourself with some free time, now could be a great time to either start or finish a project you’ve been putting off. Or, better yet, learn a new skill or hobby. There are so many courses, videos and apps available to help you do just that. Not only will a creative outlet prove to be a welcome distraction from the current situation, but learning new skills is also shown to improve our wellbeing!

Reliable news sources
Right now, it can feel like we’re being bombarded with information from every angle. Whether it’s live news from the TV or content from social media, the level of overwhelm can leave us feeling even more anxious. As such, it’s important to not only limit how much news we’re consuming but also where we’re getting it from. There is a lot of misinformation surrounding COVID-19 so it’s important we get our information from reliable and trustworthy sources, such as government websites or websites of trusted national or international organisations.

One final thing…
It is worth noting, that much like the seasons, our experiences and moods during these times are going to change. It’s inevitable. This is life after all! There are going to be good days and not so good days. The most important thing to remember when you’re feeling a little unsteady on your feet is to remember that this too shall pass. Be kind to yourself, take a break, and remember to reach out to your loved ones for support. Together we are stronger and together we will get through this!