Sep 2019 / News

A new guide designed to help work-based training providers to support autistic people has been launched in Cardiff today.

Developed by the National Autism Team in partnership with the National Training Federation for Wales and a number of providers, funded by Welsh Government, the guide comes in response to a need identified by autistic people for increased awareness of the condition in work-based training and learning opportunities.

Forming part of the Working with Autism scheme, the new resource pack contains useful advice and tips for training providers to help create autism friendly environments for learners in the workplace, ranging from sensory and communication considerations to task management and supporting learners with their work.

Cllr Huw David (Bridgend), WLGA Spokesperson for Health and Social Care said:

“Work-based training and development opportunities are things which many of us may perhaps take for granted. But for autistic people, such environments can present unique challenges and difficulties.

“Funded by Welsh Government and developed in partnership with several training providers, this fantastic new resource will be a valuable contribution to increasing awareness of the condition and to help autistic people to thrive and develop in the workplace. This is another example of the National Autism Team listening to autistic people and working in partnership to respond to their individual needs, and I would encourage all providers to use it.”

Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams said:

“We’re fully committed to improving the lives of autistic learners, and aware of the challenges they and their families face every day. The ‘Working with Autism’ learning resource is linked to our employability agenda and additional learning needs transformation programme, which are aimed at ensuring all learners, including autistic learners, are supported to overcome barriers to employment and learning.

“This programme will help ensure that all learners, regardless of their needs, have the chance to realise their full potential.”

The resource, along with a range of others, are available on