Sep 2018 / Blog

Apprenticeships are work-based learning programmes that enable businesses to upskill their workforce with nationally-recognised qualifications. It has been well established that Apprenticeships increase productivity, help retain loyal employees and save businesses money.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council have been working with ACT for around 3 years and have utilised Apprenticeships to support their recruitment strategy.

Andrew Trewek, Operational Manager, and Glyn Davies, Maintenance Officer, from Vale of Glamorgan Council share their top reasons why they chose to engage, inspire and grow with Apprenticeships:

1. Recruiting staff

Andrew Trewek: “We tend to have difficulty finding skilled and engaged tradespeople from the market and Apprenticeships provide us with a fantastic opportunity to engage new learners who we can train for our business and develop them to learn our values and our ways of working. Apprenticeships are something that is providing real benefits to us as a business.”

2. Nurturing new talent

Glyn Davies: “ACT’s Traineeship placement programme has benefitted our team by providing us with a talented young lady, Stella Vasiliou, who wanted to get into the field of Carpentry. Thanks to the training her Construction Traineeship gave her she has hit the ground running and become a valued member of the team. The qualified carpenters enjoy having her around as an Apprentice because she’s willing to learn, eager, punctual, and dedicated. As a result she’s already brought something to the team with her drive and energy.”

3. Engaging our current workforce

Andrew Trewek: “I would encourage companies to take up the work with ACT to get learners into their business. There’s a fantastic opportunity for them to bring new blood into the business that is fully supported by a company that can then help them develop into their respective roles, and the level of support is there to make sure that the transitions are as easy as possible.”


Did you know that all our Apprenticeships are fully-funded through the Welsh Government? We access the funding so your business doesn’t have to pay a penny! And if you’re paying into the Apprenticeship levy, now is the best time to make the most of it and hire an Apprentice or engage and inspire your current workforce.

So the question is, can you afford not to upskill your workforce with Apprenticeships? Visit or email to find out more.