Jul 2017 / Blog

Vocational Qualifications have grown in popularity over the past couple of years, particularly apprenticeships. In the past year alone Welsh training provider ACT has helped over 6,500 16-24 year olds achieve their career ambition with the apprenticeship programmes. 

Daniel Morris from Newport, is just one of the many thousands of young people who is now thriving in a career he loves.

As an Agency Support Executive at the award-winning marketing agency The Media Angel, Daniel is a multimedia account handler and is responsible for planning, creating, monitoring and evaluating marketing campaigns across various media platforms.

Daniel started a Social Media Apprenticeship with ACT last summer and has almost completed his qualification, he shares his top three reasons why he chose a vocational qualification.

1. There are so many apprenticeships on offer

 “When I was growing up there was always a couple of friends who were doing apprenticeships, but that would be for carpentry, plastering or something more labour based. I didn’t know that there was such a thing as social media apprenticeships. I was amazed when I discovered that these apprenticeships are out there in the sector that I’m working in. Apprenticeships provide hundreds of opportunities out there for people like me.”

2. On the job training

“An apprenticeship is a great opportunity to learn on the job. The social media apprenticeship means that I’m working on what I’m learning every day and I get to see it come alive as I do it. When you think about learning you tend to think about a stuffy old teacher that would just shout if you did something wrong. My apprenticeship assessor at ACT is nothing like that. She is fun, bubbly and it’s like a catch up with an old friend but we’re discussing things that matter and what’s helping me improve my work and career.”  

3. Earn and learn

“It’s brilliant that you get to earn and learn at the same time, I’ve never had that opportunity before. Certainly not with college or university. Talking with my MD about the apprenticeship, we realised that this is something great for me to get involved in. Bringing something back to them team, earning while I learn – it’s a win win opportunity.”

ACT’s Chief Executive Andrew Cooksley set up ACT nearly 30 years ago after leaving school and can relate to many of the learners on programme with ACT. Since starting the company, Andrew’s mission has been to make a positive difference to people’s lives by providing outstanding learning opportunities.

“Our work here is to raise the esteem and promote the personal growth of thousands of learners every year. Our learners like Daniel leave ACT as qualified and adaptable young people who go on to excel in the workplace”.

ACT works closely with a range of top quality employers, large and small, and in a range of different sectors across Wales, including: BBC, Cardiff University, Wessex Garages to name but a few and the list just keeps on growing.

With an increasing number of employers welcoming apprentices, there are more opportunities than ever to get inside some of the most exciting and innovative companies in Wales.

If you are looking to get your foot on the career ladder or grow your current job prospects, visit ACT’s website today: www.acttraining.org.uk