Jun 2017 / Blog

We are delighted to unveil our first ever mobile app for ACT trainees, apprentices and higher apprentices.

The ‘ACT Anywhere’ app aims to enhance the learning experience and learner journey at ACT and makes it easier for learners to access key information anywhere, anytime.

The app provides access to key information to support all areas of learner life from study and assessments to health and well being, from learning in Welsh and key contacts. 

Our Digital Learner Co-ordinator and app developer, Joseph Pilgrim explains everything you need to know about the new app and how to access it.

What is ‘ACT Anywhere’?

‘ACT Anywhere’ is a bilingual augmented reality app that allows learners to have important information at their fingertips.

At ACT we like to keep up with modern technologies. We believe that augmented reality will continue to grow in popularity and usability. ACT is pleased to be at the forefront of technology and using it to provide the best learner experience possible.

The app contains much of the key information to get you started on your learning journey, as well as further documents on things such as the assessment process, the ability to learn in Welsh and counselling services offered by ACT.

Using the BlippAR platform you can ‘Blipp’ our interactive posters to load the information you need, whenever you need it. Once blipped ‘ACT Anywhere’ remains available to access within your BlippAR history forever.

What are the benefits of ‘ACT Anywhere’?

The app has been created with you in mind, following feedback we have received from our learners stating that they found it quite difficult to find important information. ‘ACT Anywhere’ is easy to use, and easy to navigate around. With ‘ACT Anywhere’ you can find information, contact your learner rep, administrators, or PREVENT officer, as well as linking to useful websites on wellbeing and cyber security. All information can be saved directly to your phone for offline viewing and sharing.

How do you access ‘ACT Anywhere’?

All Traineeship and Apprenticeship learners can access ‘ACT Anywhere’ using a smartphone or tablet. Simply ‘Blipp’ (as easy as taking a photo) our ACT Anywhere poster. Within seconds ‘ACT Anywhere’ will appear before your eyes! Even if you walk away ACT Anywhere stays with you.

Once blipped, you have instant access to lots of important information and even if you lose internet connectivity, you will always be able to find the contact details you need.

I hope you enjoy using the ‘ACT Anywhere’ app as much I enjoyed creating and developing it.

BlippAR has a strong history of working with large companies such as McDonalds and Marvel to create exciting content that stands out from the crowd. With that in mind it’s incredibly exciting to be launching an ACT BlippAR app.

We would love to hear your thoughts. If you have any feedback on the app then please forward them on to your Learner Representative via feedback@acttraining.org.uk