Apr 2017 / Blog

Spindogs are a Digital company based in Cardiff. We asked them what it is they look for in someone when they are recruiting, here are some tips: 

Here at Spindogs we take great care when choosing our team members – we know the right candidate is more than a polished CV and an impressive list of skills. For us, the personality of our team members matters as much as their qualifications – we believe that a great team is made up of characters, not just applicants.

What we want

One of the most important things we take into consideration when we choose who joins the Spindogs family is – are they someone who we think will fit into the Spindogs values – do they show an ability to communicate and a readiness to be held accountable for their work, and last but not least, do they show they care?

When expanding our team, we seek that person who would interact well with the rest of the Spindogs crew and will get along with everyone. We want someone who is willing to get involved as much in our team building activities, socials and charity work as they are in our work projects, because we know the best work is done in a positive environment!

Spindogs Staff

Candidates with character

We think the personality of our team members is what gives Spindogs its character – we look for people who are passionate about what they do, and are constantly wanting to self-improve. An ideal addition to the team will be someone who can hold a natural and confident conversation about the industry their role is in, and who doesn’t back away from expressing their ideas and thoughts in meetings. After all, personality is what fuels creativity!


For us the education and work experience of candidates serve more as a way to provide general background of the ‘journey’ that has led them to the role; we find other skills are much more important.

When applying to join the Spindogs team, it’s not necessary to have a degree; however, to be the right fit for us, you would have to have passion and experience in your chosen field. Having done that little extra in your spare time, like charity work or freelance/work experience, can also help you go a long way with us!

Everyone in the Spindogs team has a unique and distinguished personality which contributes to the team spirit we cherish so much – if you’re passionate about what you do, and you know where you want your journey to take you, you will fit right into our family!